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The American Revolution English Civil War – 1640s Charles I – Stuart Monarch Divine Right of Kings Charles believes he is a king by divine right because God put him on the thrown -Since he is there by Divine Right, he feels that he doesn’t have to listen to Parliament Parliament: Says they are “the people” and need to play an important role to represent the people, not the monarch Argument over religion The king is the head of the Protestant Church (Church of England created by Henry VIII) -The king’s religious practices say something about the king -Englishmen are required to practice the faith. No choice. Must go to Church -New types of Christianity (Puritans, Catholics, Baptists) They all will fight and kill one another -Some say Charles is too Catholic Protestant Reformation Puritan Roundheads -Capture and execute Charles I. Capture those loyal to him. -Makes them the most powerful group in the kingdom Establish a Parliamentary Republic Oliver Cromwell – “Lord Protector” Leads the Parliamentary Republic Charles II – 1660-1685 Had to guarantee Parliament was recognized No male heir James II – (Charles II brother) -Married to a Catholic princess (Looks like England is bringing in Catholicism) -Have a son and marry him off to a princess in Spain William and Mary -James II flees England Glorious Revolution – 1688
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William and Mary take the thrown They give Parliament even more control Establish what today is known as the Prime Minister to help them rule Propels American Revolution because: 1) Turmoil in England distracts them from colonies House of Burgesses will have their say because England cannot focus on the colonies while all this is going on
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1-25AmericanRev - The American Revolution English Civil War...

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