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psch possible midterm

psch possible midterm - Psychology 168(1 Professor R Sommer...

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Psychology 168 (1) Exam No. B Professor R. Sommer First Midterm 10/16/97 2. Therapy is most closely related to which of the four objectives of abnormal psychology? a. Prediction b. Control* c. Definition d. Explanation 3. Which statement best defines therapy ? a. The scientific study of abnormal behavior. b. A system of observing abnormal behavior in an attempt to classify it. c. The use of a theoretical orientation to explain the cause of abnormal behavior. d. A program of systematic intervention designed to alter behavior, emotion, or thought.* e. Action research. 4. When it comes to defining abnormal , which terms are accurately paired? a. Infrequent - deviation from ideal mental health b. Cultural universality - deviation from ideal mental health c. Infrequent - statistical deviation* d. Personal discomfort - multicultural perspective e. Personal discomfort - unexpected event 5. Dr. Thompson collects information in order to describe and draw inferences about an individual’s psychological disorder. Dr. Thompson is engaged in a. predicting dangerousness. b. research. c. psychodiagnosis.* d. therapy. e. prognosis 7. A woman comes to the mental health center complaining of fatigue, anxiety, and an inability to sleep. If her symptoms are considered a form of abnormal behavior, it is because she is showing a. statistical rarity. b. delusions and hallucinations. c. dysfunction. d. moral deviance. e. discomfort.* 8. Teresa, normally an energetic mother of three small children, is suddenly unable to go shopping, prepare meals, or even dress her children. Teresa’s behavior illustrates the practical definition of abnormality called a. discomfort. b. dysfunction.* c. deviance. d. disorientation. e. moral failure.
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PSC 168(1) First Midterm 10/16/97 2 10. Trephining refers to the process of a. making a person chant and pray to drive out evil spirits. b. changing one’s diet to improve one’s physical and mental health. c. boring a hole in the skull to let demons escape.* d. putting leaches on the body to remove bad blood. e. whirling the person around in a chair. 11. “There are at least two problems with it: First, it does not distinguish desirable from undesirable behavior; second, it means that anyone who is original or noncomforming is automatically abnormal.” What criterion for defining abnormality is being discussed? a. Deviation from ideal mental health b. Statistical deviation* c. Unexpected event d. Multicultural e. Moral deviance 12. Moral treatment used ____________ to treat mental disorders. a. controls such as chains and starvation b. mesmerism c. primitive antipsychotic medicines d. cold water (hydrotherapy) e. prayer, work, and kindness* 13. Clinical psychologists usually have _______ degrees, unlike psychiatrists, who have ______ degrees. a.
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psch possible midterm - Psychology 168(1 Professor R Sommer...

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