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Grading Rubric for the Summary Assignment: Please Hand this Rubric in with your paper Due on Thursday February 7 th 2008. Work independently on this project. I want to see your own work in your own words. Part I Write a 1-2 page typed essay on the evidence against Geller using at least 3 of the sources that have been made available to you. State Geller's claims, and then build your case against Geller. Give details that refute the evidence from last week and cite sources. 1) Geller’s claims are clearly stated (5 points) 2) Evidence against Geller from Sarfatti retraction letter, Introduction to Targ and Puthoff article, Secrets of the Psychics video and Truth about Uri Geller is used and correctly cited (10 points). 3) Use of detail (10 points).
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Correct grammar and spelling for both parts I and II (5 points). 5) Persuasive and sophisticated argument (5 points). Part II Write another 1 page essay on another claim (anywhere) and research this claim. Can you find credible evidence supporting or refuting the claim? Who is making the claim? Are they a reliable source? Analyze your claim based on evidence. 1) Outside Claim is clearly stated (in your own words) and cited (3 points). 2) Evidence supporting the claim is presented and cited (4 points). 3) The person or people making the claim are described and their credentials are examined (3 points). 4) The claim is analyzed as credible or not based on the evidence and sources (5 points)....
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