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1 1 2 Professor Nagle Main Lecturer If you have questions about the lectures, exams, missed lectures, etc. please contact me. Professor Kapteyn Lab and CAPA Homework Coordinator If you have questions about the CAPA homework, labs, missing labs, sections, etc. please contact me. 3 A few basics about the course... • Please come see us if you have questions. • If our office hours do not work for you, email us to set up another time to meet. • Do not wait until the end of the term to talk to us. 4 We are here to do everything we can to help you learn some important and interesting physics ! If you work hard during the term, we will work hard with you. 5 Required Text: “Physics: Principles with Applications” 6 th Edition by Douglas C. Giancoli…. We will be using Chapters 16-33. Extra copies on reserve in the library. 6 iClickers are required for this course. Group discussion of iClicker questions is required! Make sure to register your iClicker this week. http://www.colorado.edu/its/cuclickers/students/register.html iClicker scores are extra credit. They can replace half of your lowest mid-term exam score. 3 points for correct answer 2 points for incorrect answer 0 points for no answer Scores start counting after September 10, 2007. Lowest five classes are dropped.
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2 7 Do you have a clicker with you?
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