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Restricting type anorexia: people with anorexia nervosa who reduce their weight by restricting their intake of food, at least half do this. Amenorrhea: absence of menstrual cycles in women Binge: uncontrollable over eating. Compensatory behavior: people with bulimia do this, behaviors like forcing themselves to vomit, misusing laxatives, diuretics, or enemas, fasting or exercising excessively Multi dimensional risk perspective: theorists and researchers use this to identify several key factors that place individuals at risk for eating disorders. Enmeshed family pattern: family members are over involved in each others affairs and are
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Unformatted text preview: overconcerned with the details of each others lives. Effective parents: accurately attend to tier childrens biological and emotional needs, giving them food when they are crying from hunger and comfort when they are crying out of fear. Weight set point: the weight level that a person is predisposed to maintain, controlled in part by the hypothalamus Supportive nursing care: effective therapy when combined with nutritional counseling and a high calorie diet, in which a nurse gradually increases a patients diet over a few weeks to more than 2500 calories....
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