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Ch 3 SG - each What are the three types of clinical...

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Abnormal Psychology Chapter 3 Study Guide The following is a guideline for your studying. It is NOT  a complete list of everything you should  know for the upcoming exam. Good luck studying!  What is clinical assessment? Define the following: Standardized Reliable Valid What are the three types of clinical assessment, including an example and strengths and  limitations of each? What are the six types of clinical tests, including an example and strengths and limitations of 
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Unformatted text preview: each? What are the three types of clinical observation? How do clinicians arrive at a diagnosis? What is included on each of the five axes in the DSM-IV-TR? What are some flaws and advantages of the DSM? What are the advantages and disadvantages of diagnostic labels? Is treatment effective? What are some current trends in research on the effectiveness of treatment?...
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