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Alternative Medicines Study Guide - NSM 1000 The Way of...

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NSM 1000 The Way of Science – Spring 2008 UNIT I. PART III. WEIGHING EVIDENCE: PARANOMRAL CLAIMS CONTINUED AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE In preparing to end this unit next week, read: 1. Introduction, “Scientific Literacy: What It Is, Why It’s Important, and Why We Don’t Have It” in Hazen and Trefil, Science Matters, pp. xi-xix. There will be a big bonus question on the final exam relating to the topic of “What is science”? There are many books in the NEC library that deal with this topic. Derry, Gregory N. 1999. What Science Is And How It Works. Princeton University Press. Gilovich, Thomas. 1991. How We Know What Isn’t So. The Free Press. Carroll, Robert Todd. 2003. The Skeptic’s Dictionary. John Wiley & Sons. Other Claims Now that we have examined how to weigh evidence and gained some skills needed for critical thinking, let’s apply them by looking at the various claims made by the advocates of alternative medicine. In the US, there are now more visits to practioners of “alternative” medicine than to mainstream physicians. These complementary and alternative medicines are known as CAM. Is there any scientific evidence behind this vast public acceptance of homeopathy, acupuncture, supplements, etc? Here’s a small start on the subject. Your interest may lead you to a few reliable web sites on the topics and . What is the fallacy of personal validation ? What are cold readings ? 14
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NSM 1000 The Way of Science – Spring 2008 Assignment: A Different Way to Heal? (Video seen in class). PBS Scientific American Frontiers. On reserve in library if you missed it. This video presents alternative medicines and the question of how science can help to determine
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Alternative Medicines Study Guide - NSM 1000 The Way of...

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