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NSM 1000 The Way of Science – Spring 2008 THE WAY OF SCIENCE Introduction Welcome to a most unusual science class! Together, we will take a fantastic journey through our strange and wonderful Universe: — imagining how the Universe began — viewing particles so small that they stagger our imagination — viewing the incredible vastness of the space — thinking about the possible fate of the Universe and through our own planet, the Earth: — looking at the beginning of the Earth — seeing how the continents were formed — understanding how all living things evolved from common ancestors. We will learn to understand the methods scientists use to gather data, make and test explanations, draw inferences, and come to conclusions. We will take many side trips to look at interesting topics along the way. I. Goals for this course 1. Our first goal is to help you think like a good scientist. We will emphasize thinking about the quality of evidence and using logical methods. We will look at various claims and examine the evidence for those claims to see how reliable they are. We will apply the scientific method to topics commonly we encounter in everyday life. This skill will help us not to be taken in by con artists and bad science. 2. Our second goal is to introduce you to some of the fundamental models or main principles that form the foundations of the natural sciences. We have only a limited time so we will concentrate on answering the following questions: a. From geology: Why does the Earth look the way it does? (Plate Tectonics) b. From biology: Why are there so many kinds of creatures? Why are those creatures so varied? (Evolution) c. From physics: Why does the Universe look the way it does? (Big Bang model of Cosmology) 3. Scientific developments are not always smooth sailing; they are accompanied by conflict, argument and uncertainty. In our third goal, we hope to make you aware of some conflicts among scientists, between science and politics and between science and religion. 1
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NSM 1000 The Way of Science – Spring 2008 4. Our final goal is for you to appreciate and enjoy science and to become so interested in science that you might consider becoming a science major. II.
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Unit 1 Study Guide - NSM 1000 The Way of Science Spring...

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