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Rubric for controversy paper

Rubric for controversy paper - Way of Science Controversy...

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Way of Science: Controversy Due April 10 th 2008 in class Format: Essays should be typed and double spaced. Late papers. Papers received after the class on April 10 th will receive a 5 pt grade reduction for every 24 hours that they are late. Part I. Evolution and Creationism. In your essay first define the word controversy and describe what the controversy of Evolution and Creationism is about. Thinking like a scientist present an argument for the theory of evolution. You should use words such as fact, hypothesis and theory. Then in another paragraph present a different view of the controversy. If you disagree with the facts of evolution then you could present your own view (if you choose). If you agree with the facts of evolution then present an opposing view. You may choose to look at some of the creationists ideas outlined in your study guide. Part II. Connections with other controversies. Now choose a controversial topic of your own (other than evolution). You may choose anything you like, perhaps from your own major field of study. Write a paragraph or two describing this controversy. Finally in the last paragraph of your paper make connections
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