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Rubric for the evolution assignment

Rubric for the evolution assignment - Evolution and the...

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Evolution and the Public Schools Assignment Due April 22, 2008 (100 points) Goal: Using the materials and links listed below; demonstrate how the antievolution perspective has influenced education in the US. Format: o Use the topic heading to identify each answer o Start your answer by restating the question o Type your responses using complete and correct sentences o Use your own words and not those of the author or those of your classmates o Paragraphs do not need to be linked together conceptually. o Include enough detail to help develop the main thesis Sources: For all the links, right click, open hyper link, then click on Full Text Link. Work carefully to rephrase what you read and be aware this assignment is neither like that of last years. Make sure to reference your sources with an in text citation using author name if you have it. Grading: A grading Rubric is attached. C papers answer the questions but A papers will have good supporting detail in each answer. How long should it be? I have given you some guidelines below. Your style of writing should be direct and concise but with supporting detail. Your audience is a classmate not familiar with evolution and creationism. NOTE: This assignment is different from previous years’ assignments and from other sections of Way of Science. ANY RESLEMBANCE TO OTHER ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE CONSIDERED PLAGARISM. The First Amendment Read about the First Amendment and separation of church and state at: http://www.adl.org/issue_religious_freedom/separation_cs_primer_schools.asp
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