Genetics exam 1 (2003) - GENETICS EXAM 1 On the extra paper...

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GENETICS EXAM 1 On the extra paper available answer problems that require more space. Please show your work clearly and indicate the problem number adjacent to your solution. The point value for each question is listed in parenthesis. 1 How many telomeres are there in a non-dividing human liver cell? A) 92 B) 46 C) 23 D) 2 E) 1 2. An appropriate genetic description of the genes carried on an X chromosome in a mammalian male is a. heterozygous b. homozygous c. hemizygous d. merizygous 3. Match each event with the appropriate stage in meiosis I (5): ___ i. visualization of chiasma (crossing over) ___ ii. initial appearance of condensed chromosomes ___ iii. initial pairing between homologues ___ iv. formation of tetrads and a synaptonemal complex with spacings of 100 nm ___ v. terminalization of chiasma and disintegration of the nuclear membrane a. leptonema; b.; diakenesis c. zygonema; d. diplonema e. pachynema 4. In a family of 5 children what would be the probability of having 2 girls and 3 boys? Show your reasoning. (5) 5. A husband and a wife have normal vision although both their fathers are red-green color blind . The probability that their first child will be a color blind daughter is a. 75%; b. 50%; c. 25%; d. 0% 6. In a cross of two dihybrid individuals in which two traits were followed, for example seed color
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/20/2008 for the course BIO 350 taught by Professor P.gauss during the Spring '08 term at Western State Colorado University .

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Genetics exam 1 (2003) - GENETICS EXAM 1 On the extra paper...

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