E3 SG - Abnormal Psychology Exam III Study Guide The...

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Abnormal Psychology Exam III Study Guide The following is a guideline for your studying. It is NOT a complete list of everything you should know for the upcoming exam. Good luck studying! Define and give examples of the following: Depression – A low sad state marked by significant levels of sadness, lack of energy, low self worth, guilt, or related symptoms. Mania – A state or episode of euphoria or frenzied activity in which people may have an exaggerated belief that the world is theirs for the taking. Unipolar depression – Depression without history of Mania. Reactive depression - occurs in response to some specific and identifiable psychosocial stressor. Endogenous Depression – A reaction to internals factors, the opposite of reactive depression. Major Depressive Disorder – A severe pattern of depression that is disabling and not caused by such factors as drugs or a general medical condition. Dysthymic Disorder – A mod disorder that is similar to but longer lasting than major depressive disorder. When dysthymic disorder leads to major depressive disorder, this is called Double Depression! Symbolic loss - Freadian theory – the loss of a valued object (employment) which is unconsciously interpreted as the loss of a loved one. Also called imagined loss. Learned helplessness – The perception based on past experiences that one has no control over ones reinforcements. Attribution – When individuals view things as beyond their control. Cognitive triad – The three forms of negative thinking by aaoron beck that lead people to
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E3 SG - Abnormal Psychology Exam III Study Guide The...

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