GOV4.7 - Protected against self-incrimination Right to...

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5th Amendment Right to a grand jury Right to due process of law Protected from double jeopardy (Gideon v. Wainwright) Self incrimination Guantanamo Bay "Enemy combatants" Rather than prisoners of war (Geneva Convention) or criminals (Constitution) 6th Amendment Right to a fair and public trial by jury Public trial - public has right to attend Trial by jury Informed of charges Confront witnesses (cross-examination) Bring forward witnesses in support Right to counsel Non-petty crime - conviction >6 months in jail Types of provided attorneys Public defender govt employed attorney Court appointed attorney Private attorney contracted by govt to represent a defendant for nominal fee (gov decides) Miranda Rights - (Miranda v. Arizona - 1966) Not in the constitution
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Unformatted text preview: Protected against self-incrimination Right to counsel 4, 5, 6 - criminal 7th Amendment Civil cases If the amount in controversy exceeds $20, either party can request a jury trial 8th Amendment Protected from excessive bail Cruel and unusual punishment A. 3 Strikes - You're out 3rd Felony conviction - life in prison Is it cruel and unusual punishment? Is it double jeopardy? Are people only being punished for the third crime or second and first crime? It is not cruel & unusual punishment, it is punishment for habitual crime. B. Megan's Law - people found guilty of a sexual offense C. Capital Punishment (Death Penalty) 1972 Furman v. GA US Supreme Court death penalty unconstitutional unfairly applied...
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GOV4.7 - Protected against self-incrimination Right to...

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