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1 16 Class Information: 1. Reading for last week (sections 16.7-16.9 + 16.11-16.12) 2. Reading for this week (sections 17.1-17.7) * These sections will be posted on the web page each week. 3. CAPA #3 is now available – sorry for the delay. Problem #7 in the printing had an error (no KE value), so get the corrected problem online). 4. Advanced reminder: Exam 1 (Tues. Sept. 25 at 7:30 pm) * Any issues need to be discussed with me before Sept. 18 5. Clicker scores start counting today ! Register your iClicker. (For Example) 17 Clicker Question -Q +2Q -Q +Q P s s s s What is the E-field at point P? A) |E| = 2kQ / s 2 B) |E| = sqrt(2) kQ / s 2 C) |E| = kQ / ( sqrt(2) s) 2 D) zero E) none of the above 18 -Q +Q -Q +Q P s s s s +Q 19 +Q P s s s s For the E-field in the middle, this is exactly the same as the previous case since the other 4 charges E- field cancel. |E| = kQ/r 2 r 2 =(s/2) 2 + (s/2) 2 = s 2 /2 |E| = 2kQ/s 2 s/2 s/2 r 20 In the previous question, what is the acceleration of an electron if placed at point P? We need some numbers.
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nagle_phys2020_fa07_lecture6 - Class Information: 1....

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