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Education Disconnect between what is needed to get a good job in economy and what schools in education system are teaching 1. There are a lot of high end jobs going unfilled, or being filled by international temporary workers The jobs themselves are leaving–outsourcing with a fraction of the pay 2. Roughly 70% of age peers, even those who graduate, are graduating without the skills that they need to get a job that pays enough for them to actually live on Functions of Education 1. Upward Mobility To some degree, education is a mechanism for upward mobility It is very much a part of central belief in our culture that we call the American Dream, that states, if you have ability and are willing to work hard, you can make it There is some degree of truth in the American Dream; people seek education and make more money, on average, with an education. The degree of disparity between belief and reality has grown; the American Dream is less true today than it was in the old manufacture economy. The degree
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