SOC10.24.07 - For Monday Finish Chapter 8 pp 329-43...

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Research Paper Format does not matter, but be consistent Any topic in text books 1' Margins Take first page and give good description Statistics, how does it vary? Remained of paper: why is it an important issue • Terms of personal significance? Excercising sociological imagination • Societal significance? What are the consequences for the nation/world as a whole 1. Papers evaluated in qualities of research Good, solid sources 2. Depth of thought 3. Is it well-written? Due Monday, November 26 Turn in hard copy of paper to TA Late Papers Penalized 1 Point per Day Stratification Structured Systems of Inequality As societies became more technologically complex, mechanisms enforcing inequality were built into the structures A broader view of stratification: an unequal distribution of resources, money, prestige, power, access to healthcare, housing All human societies have featured some unequal distribution of resources However, what we also know when looking at human societies across the board, is a
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SOC10.24.07 - For Monday Finish Chapter 8 pp 329-43...

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