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Functionalism in families Main function to socialize us Main function used to be survival unit, economic unit Values and norms Conflict view of tracking Tracking was not instituted as a way of stratifying society, it is a latent function Secondary function of education To socialize individuals Hidden Curriculum Conformity, all the things that teach us about behavior and norms Characteristics of a global economy 1. Break down of nation states–Movement toward/consequences of global economy WTO–tries to keep trade between countries that agree to join it and keep trade flowing, lower standards, lower taxes, lower tariffs
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Unformatted text preview: IMF– Nation-states loosing economic soverignty 2. Time and space are no longer barriers to economic activity Movement of money, you can deposit something here and it can be somewhere else, or you don't need to use physical $$$ 3. No sense of national identity Like exchange theory, everyone is looking for best deal with best benefits 4. Distinctions between less developed counties and developed countries will disappear 5. Global currency Distinctions disappearing between countries: requirements to join EU: change political system to democracy Reading 14, 15, 16...
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