nut.2.25 - Polypeptidesthousands=proteins Proteins Composed...

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Polypeptides–thousands=proteins Proteins • Composed polypetptide chains, often containing thousands of amino acids • Precise sequence of amino acids determines the specific protein DNA codes for the sequence • Polypeptide chain must twist and fold into a specific shape to become functional Side groups form bonds with one another • Sometimes more than one twisted-folded chain is necessary to produce the functional protein Hemoglobin of blood has 4 chains Peptin-breaks down proteins Protein Absorption • Carriers bring amino acids, di- and tri- peptides into intestinal cells • Absorbed in blood and goes to liver Useless digestive aids • Enzyme supplements Are digested because they are protein • Predigested protein Absorption works better at the slower rate determined by digestion of proteins in tract Proteins in the body • 30,000 different proteins • 3,000 studied Protein synthesis • DNA dictates sequence of amino acids through a code embedded in the DNA molecule = genes • The unique sequence of amino acids determines the protein • If there is a mistake in the code or translation of the code into protein, the protein may
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nut.2.25 - Polypeptidesthousands=proteins Proteins Composed...

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