NUT3.26 - http:/ Genetics True...

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Genetics True causative role is rare •pPrader-willi syndrome: excesssive appetite, short stature, massive obesity Leptin *Obesity genee Leptin from fat cells signal htpothalamus that fat stores are sufficient Signals long term satiety Promotes negative energy balance Suppresses appetite Leptin from stomach cells Released in presence of food Signals short term satiety PYY Secreted by GI tract cells in proportion to kcals consumed Signals satiety and decreases food intake May become a useful treatment in overweight and obesity Other functions of ghrelin Growth Sleep - Lack of increases ghrelin and decreases leptin Uncoupled reactions Energy lost as heat Energy not trapped in ATP Occurs in brown fat Important in infants and hibernating animals Coupled reactions Occurs in white fat and other tissues Resists weight gain Increases BMR Genetic variations occur May account in part, for ease or resistance to weight gain
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NUT3.26 - http:/ Genetics True...

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