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NUT3.10 Fatty acid pathways Fatty acids can be broken and fragenents Glycerol pathways Fat, carb, protein yield energy by glucose, triglycerides, and amino acids Corri cycle lactic acid fermentation Glycolysis - occurs in cytoplasm and is anaerobic 3 sources of aceytl coA pyruvate certain amino acids (not the ones that go into glucose) fatty acids glycerol (3 carbon) goes into pyruvate pathway TCA Cycle (Krebs) ATP synthesis, but mostly generates high energy electrons CO2 produced as waste Electrons>ETC (aerobic) 1. Heat 2. Water 450mg/day The O picks up electrons w/o energy to make H2O Eating too much of anything-end up w/too much acytl coA and is able to reform triglycerides Deamination When the nitrogen portion of an amino acid is removed, ammonia is produced as waste Liver uses a small amt of ammonia in senthesis of nonessential aa Fatty acids are deaminated: they lose the amine group, the part of the molecule that contains nitrogen Some convert to pyruvate
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nut3.10 - NUT3.10 http/ Fatty...

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