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Kinetic Energy -Energy of movement -heat is kinetic energy associated with therandom movement of atoms molecules Potential energy -stored energy -chemical energy is potential energy stored in chemical bonds of molecules Energy Conversion •transforming energy from one form to another The Laws of Energy Transformation •Thermodynamics is the study of The First Law of Thermodynamics -Energy of the universe is constant -Energy can be transferred and transformed -Energy cannot be created or destroyed –Principle of energy conservation The Second Law of Thermodynamics -Every energy transfer decreases the quantity of useful energy -Every energy transfer increases the disorder (entropy) of the universe ex. 100 units chemical energy (concentrated) GAS 75 units heat energy + 25 units kinetic energy) motion)
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Unformatted text preview: Heat is the most disorganized and useless form of energy Chemical reaction: making or breaking the chemical bongs that hold atoms together Energy Flor & Chemical Reactions Chemical reactions Exergonic reactions energy out-reactants contain more energy than the products-reacion realeases energy Endergonic reactions energy in-Productes contain more energy than the reactans--Requires input of energy 1. Energy can be created. True or False False. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. 2. Exergonic reactions: a. Release energy b. Require energy c. All of the above A. Exergonic reactions release energy . 3. Most energy is lost in the form of: a. Kinetic energy b. Potential energy c. Heat energy C. Most energy is lost in the form of heat energy ....
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