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As the viewer, Garrard writes that,“Susanna herself is a personification of the good Israelite wife, whose sexuality was her husbands exclusive property.” Garrard also supports an idea of the true story being one in which Susanna “is heroic in the classical sense.” However, I do not believe Susanna is glorified merely because she is facing injustice, but rather because it is a story of self-sacrifice and subservience to men, whether they are the Elders or her husband. It is also In “Artemisia and Susanna,” Mary D. Garrard evaluates Artemisia Gentileschi’s Susanna and the Elders by analyzing common conventions of other Susanna paintings and details from Artemisia’s life. According to Garrard, other painters sexualized, eroticized, and portrayed Susanna as vulnerable. Most scenes depicted by other painters glorify the rape of Susanna as a “celebration of sexual opportunity.” Even exceptions such as Adriaan van der Burg that show the intense emotion of Susanna do not ask us to
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