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Introduction to Business: Business Terms #1 Definition NAME___Michael Maieli___SECTION___BUS101-HN3____TEAM #_____ Look up the meaning (using any source) for each of the following common business terms. Once you have looked up the meaning of each term, you are to provide a definition (using your own words) of your understanding of the meaning of each term. Be sure to use no more than three (3) sentences to define each term: Cash Flow – The amount of cash a company generates within a certain period of time. The cash in and cash going out of a company. The revenue and expenditures of a company Inventory Turns – How many times a company’s inventory has been sold in a period of time. Calculated by the cost of goods sold divided by the average level of inventory Market Share – A Company’s sales compared to the rest of the market. Cycle Time – Time between a point in one cycle, and the same point in a different cycle
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Unformatted text preview: Capacity Utilization Measures the percent of industrial output which is currently being used. Corporate Culture beliefs of employees of the company that they work for. Return on Equity (ROE) The profit of a company after taxes are taken out Return on Investment (ROI) The profit you get compared to how much you invest. Total Quality Management When a company strives for high quality products along with customer satisfaction Earnings per share (EPS) Profit of the financial year divided by the number of shares Mission Statement (Corporate) The purpose of the organization and the goal of the corporation Lead Time (production)- the time it takes for the customer to receive a good after it is paid for. Core Competencies the select capabilities of a company. Stakeholders People who are affected by a company....
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