Jeopardy - Global Bus & Balance Scorecard Number of...

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Number of units that must be sold in order to produce a profit of 0. Break-even Regustered name given legal protection Trademark Group that works together with a shared mission and are collectively responsible for their work Team Occurs when individuals withhold contrary or unpopular Groupthink Learning and Growth, business process, customer and financial are four perspectives in this approach to management. Balance Scorecard Options for Org. Business Firms independently owned/operated, non dominant in their field meeting industry specific size standards Small Business Investor types that may require specific business performance requirements and play an intimate role in developing and expanding a business. Venture Capitalist Written document that provides an orderly statement of a companys goals methods to achieve golas and standards to measure goal achievement is called this. Business Plan A contractual agreement between a manufacturer or supplier and a dealer is called this. Franchise Agreement
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Jeopardy - Global Bus & Balance Scorecard Number of...

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