gov3.5 - 2. Short sessions 3. Heavy work loads 4....

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1. Voice vote Ayes or nays (No record of # of votes or names) 2. Division vote -individual votes (Record # of votes but no names) 3. Roll Call (Record) Vote -Individual votes (Record # of votes and names) Texas State Legislature Bicameral Legislature -TX Senate (31) -TX House (150) Biennial sessions - once every two years - odd # years 140 days State Senator - 4 yr. U.S. Citizen Registered Voter 26 yrs. old (TX Resident - 5 years) (District Resident - 1 year) State Representatives - 2 yr. U. S. Citizen Registered voter 21 yrs. old (TX Resident - 2 years) (District Resident - 1 year) Informal Qualifications Democrats (traditionally) Male WASP 7,200/year Lawyers/Businessmen Elections U. S. Senate (2) - At-large elections Kay Baily Hutchinson (R) John Cornyn (R) U. S. House (32) - single member district elections
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TX House (150) - single member district elections TX Senate (31) - single member district elections No term limit Rapid turnover rate Reasons: 1. Low salaries
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Short sessions 3. Heavy work loads 4. Inadequate staff Traditional Schedule 1st 30 days - bills are introduced 2nd 30 days - committees next 60 days - floor action last 20 days - ? Special Session Only the governor Gov. sets the agenda Only 30 days TX State Legislature - Leadership TX House (150) Reps Speaker - Tom Craddicks (R) (m party) TX Senate (31 Senators) Official Constitutional Presiding Officer Lt. Gov. - David Dewhurst (R) (elected by voters) Formal Powers: 1. Appoint committee members 2. Appoint committee chairpersons (long standing tradition that as a sign of good faith, Presiding Officer/Speaker will choose members of minority party as well.) 3. Refer Bills to Committee 4. Preside over the floor 5. Decide points of order 6. Schedule bills for the floor 7. Appoint members to joint committies 8. Serve on and appoint members to boards and commissions Legislative Committees...
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gov3.5 - 2. Short sessions 3. Heavy work loads 4....

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