GOV3.10 - Bill>Governor GOV 1. Sign Law 2. Veto...

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GOV3.10 Second Exam –Wednesday 12 Tagging–TX Senate Senators can tag a bill, ask for a 48 hour waiting period on a bill before a public hearing (to kill) House Committee>House Calendar Committee 8 Calendars: • Emergency • Major State • General State • Local • Resolution • Constitutional Amendment • Consent Daily Calendar>House of Rules Committee>House Floor Rules 1. Time limit 2. # of Amendments 3. Type of Amendments Black Hole of the House bill not pigeon-holed, but they'll die on the calendar Senate Committee>Senate Calendar>Senate Floor (31) 1. Blocking bill (stopper) Filibuster 2. Cloture 3. Simple majority (16 votes) 4. 5. 230. 2/3 majority vote (21) to jump House Floor (150) + Senate Floor (31) II ConFerence Committee Vote: 1. Yes "as is" 2. No "as is" 3. Send it back to conference
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Unformatted text preview: Bill>Governor GOV 1. Sign Law 2. Veto 3. Line-item 4. 10 days-law 5. No pocket veto 20 days law quorum-official headcount 2/3 present ______________________________________________________________________ _____________________ Judicial System Barrow 78751 Civil case vs. Criminal case Criminal Case violation of law Civil case Govt v. accused (i. e. State of Texas v. Smith) guilty beyond a reasonable doubt unanimous verdict hung jury aquittal double jepoardy-you cannot be tried for the same crime twice Prosecuter must convince many fine, imprisonment, and/or death Civil case (lawsuit) Dirpute btwn two or more parties over something of value Private party v. private party (Smith v. Jones)...
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GOV3.10 - Bill>Governor GOV 1. Sign Law 2. Veto...

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