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4-9 - Psych Notes Memory Memory o Persistence of learning...

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Psych Notes 4-9-07 Memory Memory o Persistence of learning over time via the storage and retrieval of information Flashbulb memory o A clear memory of an emotionally significant moment or event Memory task Examine our own thought processes in performing a memory task How difficult was the task? To have successfully completed the memory task of each of you would have used: o Encoding o Storage o Retrieval Three Requirements to Remember any Event Encoding o The processing of information to “get it into” our brain so that we can remember it Storage o The retention of encoded information over time (keeping the info “in there”) Retrieval o Process of getting information “out of” our brain in the form of memories Three stage processing model of remembering First, must register in Sensory memory o Initial recording of novel stimuli and selection for further processing Second, processed in short-term memory o
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  • Spring '08
  • wessel-blaski
  • Memory Studies, emotionally significant moment, event Memory task, Organization benefits memory, TUV ZOF GEK

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