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Annotated Biblography 1 - English 101 March 11, 2008...

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English 101 March 11, 2008 Annotated Bibliography Drape, Joe. "Growing Cheers for the Home-Schooled Team." New York Times 16 Mar. 2008: 1+. 6 Apr. 2008 < This is a popular source article that was published in the New York Times. It describes the homeschooling movement into sports. It tells the story of several families who choose to homeschool their children for religious reasons, but still wanted to their children to have the option to compete in organized athletics, specifically basketball. The parents then formed basketball teams for homeschool students beginning about 10 years ago, and had to fight their way to have the ability to schedule games against the local high school teams, but after years of fighting their teams are now well known and highly respected in their respective states. The culmination of the homeschool basketball season takes place in Oklahoma City where the National Christian Homeschool Basketball Championships are held each year. I fell that this source does not portray bias for or against the practice of homeschooling or the possible religious reasons that some families choose to homeschool their children. This source mainly attempts to describe the positive steps that some homeschooling parents are taking in helping to keep their children actively involved in sports and/or the social aspects of participating on a sports team. My personal reaction to reading this article was one of subtle but still evident shock. I was unaware that sports teams like these existed for homeschool students. Previously I have only every known homeschool students to participate in after school sports run by organizations such as local park districts. This article also helped answer some of my questions in my research, if the religious reasons that persuade some families into homeschooling have any affect then on the child's social development. With activities like these where the homeschool students are not only socializing with fellow homeschool students but also with students who attend public and private schools, shows that these parents are working to make sure that their children are not only raised in the way of life they chose, but they homeschool students will also be able to interact with different groups of people when they move out of their parents homes and begin working. "Dreaming of spires: A university for home-schoolers." economist 2/28/p33-33,
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Annotated Biblography 1 - English 101 March 11, 2008...

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