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Kelly Kloster Glenn Harris Chemistry L3 October 5, 2007 Conclusion This lab allowed for experimental evidence to prove the quantum nature of matter. The Rydberg formula describes the wavelengths of light in various spectral lines. The result for the experiment, determined through the slope of the delta Energy vs 1/n^2inital, was 2.139E-24, which is smaller than the theoretical value of 2.18E-18. This error may have been caused by oxygen or nitrogen contaminating the tube thereby altering the wavelength. Change in energy is negative because in an emission process the atoms loose energy due to the fact that n final, which
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Unformatted text preview: is two, is less than all of the n initials, which range from three to six. The ionization energy of a ground state H-atom is the energy required to raise the energy of the electron from the ground state to a state where it is free from the nucleus. This happens at 2.178E-18 Joules theoretically, however experimentally 5.45E-25 Joules is the y-intercept of the delta energy vs 1/n^2 initial graph. The value of “n” at X = 0 is infinity because as the Energy decreases infinitely the value of 1/n^2 initial moves closer and closer to 0....
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