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Lindsey DeRosa Qualitative Analysis of Inorganic Salts For this lab, the objective was to study the reactions of soluble inorganic salts. At the end of the experiment, the goal was to be able to determine the cation and anion of different inorganic salts using our knowledge of solubility and reactivity. The first test was to determine which group of cations/anions to analyze further. For cations, the first test consisted of adding 6M NaOH and observing to see if a precipitate formed. If precipitate formed, the cation present was either Ba 2+ , Cu 2+ , Ca 2+ , or Co 2+ ; if not, the unknown contained either NH 4 + , K + , or Na + . From there, the tests became more specific to each cation: for example, the test for Cu 2+ included looking for a royal blue colored solution and adding 3M acetic acid. On the other hand, the anion analysis began with adding 6M HNO 3 to the solution. Right from there, it is possible to determine the anion present. If the reaction produces bubbles or fizzes, the anion present is CO
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