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Lindsey DeRosa Partner: Alyssa Freeman Chem 1310 C-2 Applications of Acid/Base Equilibria- Buffers and Titrations 11-6-07
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The objective of this lab was to further understand acid/base equilibria through experiments in buffer action and the use of acid/base reactions for analysis. For our procedure, we obtained commercial vinegar from Kroger. It was 5% acetic acid and we calculated the number of moles in a 100mL sample of vinegar, 0.084 mol, and its concentration, 0.833M. We then set up a pH sensor with a TI/CBL2 device and calibrated it. We proceeded to assemble two samples of 100mL of an acetate/acetic acid buffer at pH 5 by adding conjugate base to the weak acid for one and forcing half of the weak acid molecules, HA, to become A - by reacting the HA with NaOH and then combining them for the second mixture. We then determined the buffer capacity of each buffer by putting 25 mL of each solution in a small beaker with 3-4 drops of universal indicator. We added 5 mL of 1.0M NaOH and mixed. We then recorded the volume and pH of each solution. After that, we put 25 mL of distilled water into a beaker and added 5
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