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ENGL 1102 (Arenas) The Art in Art Cinema Research Project: 20% of course grade. Due Monday, Feb. 11 before midnight, through Turnitin.com Essay of 1,250 words With this essay, you will practice the analysis and discussion of films through selected “critical lenses.” In other words, you will learn to apply two particular analytical approaches to one film and to notice and discuss the relative strengths and limitations of each approach you use. You have considerable freedom in choosing your film. However, the films under study should fulfill the following condition: They should be acknowledged members of the category “art cinema.” They can be foreign film productions or American independent films. If you have any doubts as to your selection, I suggest that you discuss it with me individually. You are welcome to focus on a film screened in class, but I encourage you to seek outside our list and find other possible candidates for study. Select one film and write a total of five pages about it, in the following manner: two
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Unformatted text preview: pages should employ one of the six approaches to writing about film explained by Corrrigan (Short Guide to Writing About Film, Ch. 4), and the other two pages should study the film from a different approach. Conclude by writing one page that explains the advantages and disadvantages of each approach used. Possible Approaches: 1. Film History 2. National Cinemas 3. Genres 4. Auteurs 5. Formalism 6. Ideology Your essay must draw from at least three (3) reputable sources (not counting the required course readings). These may include books, essays from academic journals, magazines, newspapers, and reliable web sites. (If in doubt about a particular source, please check with me early on.) You will cite these sources according to the guidelines set forth in the MLA style manual. Be sure to consult the Bedford St. Martin’s Handbook for tips about the various parts of the research process and how to conduct them. Example: MLA Style....
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  • Fall '08
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  • Style guide, MLA Style, art cinema, particular analytical approaches, foreign film productions, American independent films

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