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My previous experience with films has been mainly an auditory, visual understanding. Chapter 1 of A Short Guide to Writing About Film opened my eyes to a completely new way of processing films: writing about them. Like the book pointed out, I previously believed that over-analyzing a film would ruin the pleasure gained from viewing it. I now understand that assumption to be incorrect. Beyond the normal talk with fellow viewers after the film, writing and analyzing a movie can be very advantageous to the experience. In the book, Corrigan tells us about four main types of film prose and how to compose them. The first, a screening report, is a brief examination of a film to be used for class consideration and raises a few important points for discussion. This type of writing is not meant to be opinionated, but provides an objective sketch of the movie to help prepare for class. The second type is the movie review. The main purpose of the movie review is to inform the reader about the movie and recommend or not recommend the
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