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ENGL 1102 (Arenas) The Art in Art Cinema Second Research Project: 25% of course grade. Due Monday, March 24, before midnight, through Turnitin.com Essay: 6 to 7 pages. In this essay, you will analyze and compare two films of your own choosing. One will be a “classical Hollywood film” produced between c.1927 to 1968. The second one should be an “art cinema” film from Europe, Asia, Africa or Latin America. You should look for narrative and stylistic traits that define each film as part of a different tradition and compare/contrast them so that you find out in which ways the two
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Unformatted text preview: films are representatives of their own traditions or in which ways they are similar or different from one another. You can use other variables to compare the films, such as historical data or a national cinemas approach, together with a formal approach. Sources: For this paper you will need to use at least four sources that are books or journal articles obtained using the Georgia Tech Library resources (Gil Catalog, databases etc.) You can use as many sources as you need in addition to those four....
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