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SIGN UP FOR PRESENTATIONS - Matt Scholes 2 Team EBH Inga...

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SIGN UP FOR PRESENTATIONS 9 APRIL 2008 # GROUP NAME LIAISON NAME 1 Team Hypotonic Hena Joshi 2 Team Jackets Desmond Dean 3 Dashing Diet Lindsey Bray 4 The Editors Lindsey DeRosa 5 Chuck Norris Superman Crew Erzsebet Steff 6 The Average Joes Kylee Kuzminsky 7 The Flying Monkeys Katherine Croft 8 Pheidippies Yunita Tjong Fu 9 Dangerously Diabetic Matthew Werner 10 Group 13 Max Jakubowich 11 Tonics Daniel Akins 12 PKP Tiernan Phillips 13 Soulja Boy Merrit Pearson 14 APRIL 2008 # GROUP NAME LIAISON NAME 1 Team Fitness Feed
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Unformatted text preview: Matt Scholes 2 Team EBH Inga Shvartsman 3 The Activis Scott Oliveria 4 Team Hammer Time Miguel Amador 5 Project Vegetable Drop Colby Allen 6 Smokey and the Bandits Nathan C Jones 7 Team GoodEats Kyle Hanofee 8 Team Ocho Mahwesh Hansraj 9 MaxOut Percy Hung 10 Radiation Jason Hillman 11 The Klaus Kids Damon Pipenberg 12 The non-smokers Hershel Bhadsavle 13 Team Relax Charles Welch 14 Team Caffeine Daniel Harden...
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