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Letter of Intent - the Health Services The Editors has...

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Lindsey DeRosa Phi Mu Fraternity Georgia Tech Campus 240 Ferst Drive Atlanta, Georgia 30318 13 February 2008 Dr. Teresa Snow School of Applied Physiology Georgia Tech 281 Ferst Drive Atlanta, GA30332-0356 To Dr. Teresa Snow This letter of intent is to inform you that the team The Editors has been formed for The Health Apprentice project. The following individuals are in The Editors: 1. Ms. Lindsey DeRosa (Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Freshman) 2. Ms. Catelyn Kinsell (Management, Junior) 3. Ms. Stephanie Lyons (Chemical Engineering, Sophomore) 4. Ms. Lorin Atkins (Biology, Sophomore) 5. Mr. James Drobny (Biomedical Engineering, Senior) 6. Mr. Abdullah Saif (Biomedical Engineering, Senior) 7. Mr. Jordan Bauman (Biomedical Engineering, Senior) 8. Mr. James Eckhart (Mechanical Engineering, Junior) 9. Mr. Gerald “Bo” Brewer (Industrial Engineering, Freshman) The consultants on this project will be Christie Stewart from the CRC and Michelle Cohen from
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Unformatted text preview: the Health Services The Editors has chosen to create a magazine to educate Georgia Tech Students on how to maintain the six dimensions of healthiness during their collegiate period, as well as provide other fun healthy living tips. The Editors will be managed in a manner that opinions form all members will be respected equally and all will have an equal say. However, Lindsey DeRosa is designated Team Leader and will make all final decisions. Lindsey DeRosa will also serve as the designated liaison and their contacting information is as follows: email: [email protected] tel #: (404) 992-5789 Sincerely, Ms. Lindsey DeRosa Signed by: Ms. Catelyn Kinsell, Ms. Lorin Atkins, Ms. Stephanie Lyons, Mr. James Drobny, Mr. Abdullah Saif, Mr. Jordan Bauman, Mr. James Eckhart, Mr. Gerald “Bo” Brewer...
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