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The Health Apprentice: Research and Design Portion Group: The Editors (Liaison is Lindsey DeRosa) Due: March 3, 2008 RESEARCH: Researching the Health Topic : For our project, we don’t have one main health topic to target, but more importantly we are providing relevant and helpful lifestyle, dietary, exercise, and wellness information targeted to the college-aged student. By drawing upon our own experiences at Georgia Tech thus far, we will be able to narrow down the abundance of information available related to health, and create an incredibly specific magazine to make healthy living easier at Tech. We will create sections of the news paper covering each of the six dimensions of wellness, as well as provide supplemental information pertaining to topics that we think are especially important to Tech students (such as the athlete interview, fun things to do around Atlanta, philanthropic suggestions, how to balance your life). Some of the sources on campus that we plan to use are the CRC, the Health Center, and of course, the library. There are also thousands of websites with helpful information, and we have listed some of the ones we have chosen to use thus far below in the references section. Researching the Art Form : The art form that we have chosen to use to promote our health topics is a magazine. While there are a large number of magazines out there on health related topics, we found it odd that there were no magazines targeted to college age students, at least on the national level (World Newspapers). Major publications include Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Shape, Fitness, Self, Elder Care Online, Natural Health… but nothing related to a younger age group. This is also interesting considering that people in our generation are huge consumers of magazines. We really feel that this medium will provide us with an effective means of communicating our information
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R_D_TheEditors - The Health Apprentice: Research and Design...

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