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american govt midterm

american govt midterm - Bailey Hixon American Government...

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Bailey Hixon American Government Midterm 10/8/07 1. Resolving historic and present day conflict This military dictatorship does not seem at all open to “advice” on resolving conflict and creating a democracy. That is precisely what is has opposed for decades, which is why problems are occurring today. Economic sanctions imposed by the U.S. and other countries hurt the government, and arguably the people too unfortunately. As long as Thailand and China continue to trade with the current Burmese government, it will have the means to resist democratic change. The government buys arms to use against people fighting for democracy, with proceeds from trading with Thailand, etc. That said, if the international community succeeds in convincing the government to embrace democratic change, I think it would happen much more easily than what we see in Iraq, because the people truly want democracy. You must negate policies like the Four Cuts Policy that the SPDC introduced in the 1970s. Its aims are to cut the supplies of food, funds, recruits and information to resistance groups by controlling and impoverishing populations in areas opposing the government so they have neither the chance nor the means to provide any type of support to the opposition. People in Burma want to have freedom to live their lives and improve them through education and employment, but there is ultimately no freedom for them. They don’t have the freedom to move, because the government can come at any time and take their land in order to set up military camps, mainly in rural areas. Education is not free, which is the most important, because if you’re not allowed to simply improve your basic knowledge, you can’t expand the
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