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Bailey Hixon Philosophy 101: Peters Personal Testimony 4/24/07 “But let this be your honor: always to love more than you are loved, and never to be second” (178). In Nietzsche’s first part of Thus Spoke Zarathustra , Zarathustra talks about the roles of men and women. Although I disagree with Zarathustra’s thought that this quotation should only apply to women, I do believe that if all humanity were to live their life according to this way that they would achieve ever-lasting happiness. Through personal relationships, mainly the relationship I have with my mother, I have experienced the truthful outcome that is achieved when this type of unselfish love is offered. People generally accept love because it produces joy – the joy that comes when one cares for another, and is cared for in return. In an unselfish relationship, however, the person giving love expects nothing in return, because they are offering their love to another simply from the joy of their heart. The joyful aspect of love is based upon a
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