Journal- Identity - Journal Entry-Tuesday August 16A One of...

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Journal Entry-Tuesday, August 16A. One of the most basic assumptions that we, as Americans, have is the blind faith in our government. When most people get a ticket, they complain about the cop being unfair or that they never do whatever it is they got in trouble for, but extremely rarely does the person who got the ticket question the cops authority to give him a ticket. In the past century we have come to be comfortable with the government involved with and regulating nearly every aspect of our day to day lives and due to this upbringing, my generation will most likely perpetuate this cycle and serve to further our governments control over our lives. I believe this is due to a genuinely good- hearted move by our government to ‘help’ the citizens of this country and protect them by enforcing slightly stricter laws for the purpose of their well-being. Gradually, over time, the citizens became more and more relaxed with the government restricting their rights for their ‘protection’ and it has eventually come to be what it is today. Journal Entry- Tuesday, August 16B Like any man born and raised in Georgia, I absolutely insist on buying dinner on the first several dates. Not only buying dinner, but any other expenses included in the date, all go on my tab. This usually lasts until the relationship gets fairly serious and then if the girl insists, I will allow her to help to pay for things. This is something that was engrained into me so deeply I don’t even remember how or when I learned it, much like reading or telling left from right. I do not feel that I am unordinary in this practice, in fact I believe that this is the norm in most areas of the country, especially the south. However, some may argue that this act is offensive to females, saying that it degrades their integrity by insinuating that they are so feeble they cannot
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manage to care for themselves. These people will also argue the same point for a young man opening a door for a woman. I disagree completely with these arguments and find them rather elementary in their thinking. Journal Entry- Tuesday, August 21. In the case of which has more pressure to act their appropriate sex, male or female, the winner is male hands down. Even with homosexuality, males are looked down upon much more than females are. But without even going that far, a feminine guy is almost never considered “one of the guys” and is most often considered as an outcast. However, a “tomgirl” will be socially accepted by both males and females and is even sought after by males for girlfriends. I had this guy in my AP English class last year that was a prime example of that guy that is just a
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Journal- Identity - Journal Entry-Tuesday August 16A One of...

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