Identity Essay - Marc Tucker 2 P.M English 1101-KX...

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Unformatted text preview: Marc Tucker 2 P.M. English 1101-KX Professor Valeri September 13, 2007 Final Draft Identity As a child, my mother always told me that I was born with every advantage in the world. I am white, middle class, and male. As I have matured in age and wisdom, I agree with her nearly completely. Although white males do indeed have many advantages in today’s world, they are also discriminated against in numerous situations. College, for example, discriminates heavily against white males. We have the most difficult time of any class, gender, or ethnicity to get accepted into colleges. Many say that we are handed every advantage in the world, thus they think that we should have to work harder than most to be on par. I believe that we are indeed handed every advantage and it is our responsibility to take advantage of this and to rise to the expectations that society puts on us. White males are, indeed, the “big men on campus” of the world. The most powerful rulers in the world have been predominately white males for the past couple thousand years. Every president of the United States, the most powerful country in the world for the past hundred years, has been a white male. In almost every aspect of the American world, the power figures are white males. Executive officers, heads of corporations, Congress, the head of any government office, the military, preachers, even the presidents of schools are almost all white men. Whether white men are automatically thrown into power, or more is expected from them and thus they work harder than others, I do not pretend to know. I do know that I am not going to use my status as a white male to attempt to get a “free ride” through life; I intend to earn everything that I receive.everything that I receive....
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Identity Essay - Marc Tucker 2 P.M English 1101-KX...

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