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Department of Political Science CANADIAN FOREIGN POLICY Political Science 342 Instructor: Dr. Stephen Gallagher Course Times: MWF: 3:35-4:25 Office Hour: Weds. 11-12 Email: [email protected] Office: Leacock 514; Phone: 398-4811 I. Plan and Purpose My objective is to provide an overview and analysis of the history, development and current state of Canadian foreign policy. In addition, students are provided an opportunity to undertake focused research on an issue or case related to Canada's contemporary foreign policy. II. Readings I have selected a general textbook to provide the basic framework material which is supplemented by a reader which directs students to focus particular attention on the implications of institutional, political and policy compromises in the field. Required Texts : John Kirton, Canadian Foreign Policy in a Changing World (Thomson-Nelson, 2007) and a course ‘Reader’ available at the Book Store. NOTE: Required readings are marked with an asterisk (*). Other Texts of Interest: Steven Holloway, Canadian Foreign Policy: Defining the National Interest (Broadview 2006); Kim Richard Nossal, The Politics of Canadian Foreign Policy. 2nd edition (Prentice-Hall, 1989); Andrew Cooper, Canadian Foreign Policy: Old Habits and New Directions. (Prentice Hall Can., 1997). III. Evaluation/Course Requirements 1. Mid-term Examination 20% (October 10) 2. Conference Requirement 15% (Begin the week of September 24) 3. Research Paper 25% (Due Nov 28 – Handed to me - IN CLASS ONLY! ) 4. Final Examination 40% IV. Research Paper The typewritten research paper, which should number approximately 13-18 pages, may focus on a topic of the student's choice. (18 pages is the absolute maximum). The paper must contain certain elements including, first, an analysis of a specific issue or case of Canada's foreign policy (Note: research effort is the primary criteria of evaluation). Secondly, papers must contain all the elements expected in an academic paper (e.g., a title page, footnotes, bibliography, etc.). Students should consider purchasing The Canadian Style: A Guide to Writing and Editing (find a recent Printing) as a guide to form. IMPORTANT NOTES : 1. Student should make a copy of the essay BEFORE it is handed in. 2. Borrowing, whether in the form of direct quotation or paraphrasing, must be acknowledged in a footnote. Furthermore, when material is directly quoted,
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course07_poli342 - McGILL UNIVERSITY Department of...

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