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McGill University Department of Political Science Contemporary Politics in Europe Political Science 357 Instructor: Dr. Stephen Gallagher Course Times: MWF: 1:35-2:25 Office Hour: Weds. 11-12 Email: Office: Leacock 514; Phone: 398-4811 This course will build on introductory comparative politics courses and examine in greater depth the contemporary politics of Europe. I begin by describing the basic institutions and processes of the EU along with efforts to address its current constitutional impasse. In order to add depth to this analysis I will analyze one major political issue area that can provide a means to unpackage and analyze the contemporary European political system. This is the issue area of the “Freedom of Movement, Asylum and Immigration” which is an element of the Freedom, Justice and Security area of EU competence. This analysis allows us to identify specific institutions, actors and processes that are building the new Europe. Specifically, leaderships, bureaucracy, law making and policy implementation can all be dissected in this analysis. Arguably, issues related migration and accommodation are the most difficult currently facing Europe. Europe is now host to millions of new-European and ‘third country’ nationals. This reality is a major concern of most European countries as exemplified by the rise of right-wing, extremist and anti-immigration parties. In response, all European countries, in hand with EU institutions, have moved forward with accommodation, integration and migration control related policies. By using this issue as a lens I intend to focus attention on a selection of core institutional and political problems in the government and politics of the EU, United Kingdom, France, and Italy. Readings:
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This note was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course POLI 357 taught by Professor Gallagher during the Spring '07 term at McGill.

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course07_poli357 - McGill University Department of...

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