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Final Exam Notes - Social Foundations II Final Notes...

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Social Foundations II Final Notes 1Thoreau Class Notes Strong Antislavery–disappointed in US and Mass when they supported the fugitive slave law. Against selfish, silly nationalism. You learn the most by yourself by being self sufficient and reliant. He was not selfish-had no ambition, materialism–not fitted for youth today? Return to simplicity-NATURE- mountain climbing, environmentalist. Against train’s noise (industrial Revolution)– disturbing the peace of nature. tried to become vegetarian (spiritual enlightenment)–close with the animals in the woods Had great freedom and expressed what he felt completely/did not hide anything today’s culture- women’s wardrobe–luxury, no need for exterior things. Arrestes Bromson-collectiveness of a community–Thoreau was more individualistic. Against Mexican-American War–took mystical, inward, introspective, intuitive, and solitary nature walks. Jail incident–refused to pay taxes–not support slavery prone US. Had big influence of Mandela, King jr–society made him a hero, he did not ask to be one. Died at 45 of tuberculosis. Book Notes “live free and uncommitted”–lived in Walden Pond where it was free from postal offices–no social relationship he says that his poorly insulated walls give his interior the benefit of fresh air on summer nights he feels like a God on Olympus out on paradise, even with his house lacking a chimney Influenced by Emerson–emanation of our minds and souls that create the world around ourselves everyday. He loved to read–compared to ancient Egyptian and Hindu philosophers to “raising the veil from the statue of divinity. He loved to read classics, like Homer’s Illiad–he disdains the translation offered by the “modern cheap press.” He took great pride in homeworking, farming and reading everyday. He compares reading to a great athlete of long training and exercise. Alexander the Great carried Illiad to all his military. Despite modern technological and transportational advances, he says the real progress of mind and soul are being
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Final Exam Notes - Social Foundations II Final Notes...

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