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hist 2057 April 1 - April 1, 2008 Hist 2057 I. II. III....

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April 1, 2008 Hist 2057 I. Beginning of the Great Depression a. Causes b. Conditions II. Hoover responds III. Roosevelt responds a. First administration i. New Deal 1. Programs a. Very diverse cluster, hardly no cohesion b. Sometimes it seemed two programs were counter acting c. Most followed into two categories relief and reform d. Relief programs gave relief to individuals e. Work relief and some welfare f. Reform programs were trying to fix parts of economy so depression wouldn’t happen again g. Takes place within first 100 days of Roosevelt’s term h. Took office when people didn’t care what happened but needed something to happen i. First thing Bank Holiday – government forcefully shutdown all banks in united states; sent out people to investigate bank j. Created the FDIC- Federal Deposit Insurance Commission- the national government would back up savings up to $100,000 k. Created the SEC- Security and Exchange Commission- forced companies to file annual reports of spending n earnings
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l. Created NRA – National Recovery Administration – Coalition of big business, big labor, and big government would get together and help get American out of depression m. Created The AAA – Agricultural Adjust Administration – try to control the farmer economy; bring the farmer prices up by bringing production down; rewarded farmers for taking land out of production; timing was bad created in spring of year after crops had been planted; pay farmers to destroy livestock and crops(people in cities were starving) n. Roosevelt became very popular in South which was mostly rural o. Farmers starting making more profits; started ousting sharecroppers for tractors p. Created the CCC – Civilian Conservation Core – Work relief program; paid young men to do work in the name of conservation
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hist 2057 April 1 - April 1, 2008 Hist 2057 I. II. III....

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