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hist 2057 march 25 - Hist 2057 The 1920's I II III Ejej...

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03/25/08 Hist. 2057 The 1920’s I. Ejej II. Ejeje a. Jfj b. Fjfj c. Hoover III. Social Changes a. Economics b. Intellectual c. City i. Prohibition -18 th amendment prohibited alcohol drinking ii. Acquiring alcohol became an American pastime iii. Even the wealthy were in on it iv. Alcohol did drop 50% but it was nationwide v. Drinking went from beer to liquor vi. Cocktails parties started becoming popular vii. Bootlegging became big business( 2 million dollar/ year) viii.Illegal trafficking from Canada and Bahamas as well ix. The mob began getting involved; AL Capone being the best known mobster x. Starts taking over Chicago xi. The government allotted 3,000 agents nationwide to control prohibition xii. Speakeasies became very popular xiii.Prohibition was the only amendment every to be repelled
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xiv.The same government officials who voted for voted against it because of how bad it was d. Automobile i. The cost of the model T dropped to $300 ii. At the start of the 1920s 10 million automobiles on the road; by the end 27 million iii. Almost every family has an automobile iv. Used car market develops(general motors) 1. They could sell new cars to people who already own cars if they update the
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hist 2057 march 25 - Hist 2057 The 1920's I II III Ejej...

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