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american sphinx - American Sphinx Thomas Jefferson was one...

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American Sphinx 9/25/07 Thomas Jefferson was one very complex man. In Joseph J. Ellis’ American Sphinx shows the complexity of Thomas Jefferson. Why would a man who came from an upper class family stand up for the common farmer? Or why would a man that loves the private time enter public service? Also why would he be involved in a revolution when he had so much to loose if his side loss? Ellis points out the complexity of the man. Thomas Jefferson was the farthest thing from a common farmer. Monticello is the proof of that. Monticello is a major plantation with slaves and major cash crops. But Jefferson and the democratic-republicans championed the small farmer. When the issues of Shay’s and Whiskey rebellions came about, Jefferson thought that the grievances’ were justified. The rebellions were over in short farmers mad about taxes. Jefferson’s democratic republicans wanted the American dream to be that every man has his own piece of land and working for himself.
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