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15Weathering_and_Mass_Wasting - Weathering and Mass Wasting...

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1 1 Weathering and Mass Wasting I. Weathering I. Physical II. Chemical III. Biological II. Mass Wasting I. Falls II. Slides III. Flows 2 Denudation of the Landscape Denudation: lowering of the land surface. 3 Denudation of the Landscape •Weathering: disintegration of rock •Mass Wasting: downslope movement of broken rock material •Erosion: detachment and removal of broken rock material 4 Weathering 1. Mechanical (physical) weathering: physical disintegration of rocks 2. Biological Weathering: decomposition of rocks by organisms 3. Chemical Weathering: chemical decomposition of rocks 5 Mechanical Weathering water freezes, expands, and fractures rock 1. Frost Wedging 6 Frost Wedging Important at high elevations 7 Mechanical Weathering 2. Salt Wedging •Salt crystals grow, fracturing rock •Arid regions 8 Mechanical Weathering 3. Temperature Changes: weaken rocks 9 Mechanical Weathering 4. Pressure Release
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2 10 Mechanical Weathering Pressure Release: as pressure is removed (unloaded), rocks expand 11
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