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1 1 Plate Tectonics I. Earth’s Interior Structure A. Magnetic Field II.History and Evidence for Continental Movements III.Theory of Plate Tectonics A. Tectonic Plates B. Sea Floor C. Plate Boundaries D. Terranes E. Mantle Plumes 2 •Crust •Mantle •Core Temperature increases with depth to the core. Earth’s Interior 3 Core Iron and Nickel Outer core Inner Core molten solid Mantle Mesosphere Asthenosphere Partially Melted Solid Upper Mantle Solid Mohorovicic Discontinuity (Moho) Crust Continental Crust Granite Oceanic Crust Basalt Lithosphere Earth’s Interior Structure Not to scale 4 Earth’s Interior The Core -- iron and nickel •Inner core -- solid •Outer core-- liquid •6000 degrees C 5 Earth’s Interior Mantle •Igneous rock, dark minerals •Three layers: •Solid Mesosphere •Partially melted Asthenosphere •Rigid Upper Mantle 6 Earth’s Interior Moho: boundary between the crust and the mantle (Mohorovicic Discontinuity) 7 Earth’s Interior Crust Continental crust: granitic rock , less dense, lighter in color, sial Oceanic crust: basaltic rock , dense, dark minerals, sima 8 Earth’s Interior Lithosphere: crust and upper mantle 9 Earth’s Magnetic Field
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