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14cEarthquakesF05 - •Less than 3.5 generally not felt...

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1 1 Earthquakes 2 Earthquakes • Movement along plate boundaries • Volcanic eruptions • Some artificial 3 California Earthquakes San Andreas Fault zone: strike-slip faults on a transform plate boundary 4 Earthquakes 5 Earthquakes 6 Earthquakes 7 California Earthquakes More than 200 faults in California • Historic Earthquakes – San Francisco, 1906 – Tejon Pass, 1857 – Sierra Nevada, 1872 8 California Earthquakes 9 California Earthquakes
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2 10 California Earthquakes Southern California Faults: – San Andreas – Elsinore – San Jacinto – Imperial – Rose Canyon 11 Rose Canyon Fault http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/ ~pabbott/rosecanyon/fig4.gif •May connect with faults farther north •Potential for quakes about 6.5 to 6.9 •Problem in areas of fill and sediments 12 Earthquakes Epicenter: point on the surface above the focus of the earthquake 13 Earthquake Waves P-waves: primary waves; compressional; travel fast S-waves: secondary waves; shear waves; travel slower 14 Richter Scale Measures amplitude of ground motion
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Unformatted text preview: •Less than 3.5: generally not felt •6.1-6.9: can be destructive •7.0-7.9: Major earthquake •8 +: Great earthquake ht p:/ www.seismo.unr.edu/ftp/pub/louie/class/100/magnitude.html 15 Seismograph 16 Earthquakes Damage: • Shaking • Landslides • Land subsidence • Fires • tsunamis 17 Earthquakes Factors determining damage: • Magnitude • Distance • Soil conditions • Buildings 18 Earthquake Damage Some earth materials amplify the shaking 3 19 Earthquake Damage ht p:/ www.boisestate.edu/history/ncasner/hy210/mexico.htm Mexico City Earthquake (1985): More damage because part of the city built on soft sediments. 20 Earthquake Damage 21 Earthquakes •Small quakes •Rising or tilting of ground •Release of radon gas •Change in water level •Animals •Historic trends Prediction?? We can’t. 22 Earthquakes Location: •Most on plate boundaries •Centers of plates/failed rifts 23 End of Lecture...
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14cEarthquakesF05 - •Less than 3.5 generally not felt...

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